Established in year 2005, main office in Beijing; branch offices in Shanghai, Tianjin, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Chengdu. Specialization in roles within organization and branding positioning has enabled them to become a leading full service law firm and going global. Their business areas include: Cultural and creative industry, investment/ foreign investment, merger and restructuring, intellectual property, real estate, information and media services, international trading, maritime affairs, litigation and arbitration etc.

2005年成立,總所北京,分所上海,天津,合肥,鄭州,成都。 堅持‘規模化、專業化、職業化、品牌化’的發展方向,致力於創建國內國際化商務律師事務所資源平台。

業務領域:涵蓋公司文化創意產業、融投資、外商投資、併購與重組、知識產權、房地產、資訊與媒體服務、國際貿易、海商與海事, 訴訟與仲裁等多個法律部門和服務領域。