We are one of the registered agent for Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme and also a member of MM2H Agents Association (MM2HAA).


MM2H Programme is introduced, promoted and supported by the Government of Malaysia to allow citizens from all over the world to stay in Malaysia on a social visit pass with a multiple entry granted (renewable every 10 years). This visa permit is now attracting more and more foreign citizens to Malaysia for the warm and pleasant weather all-year-round, good quality lifestyles, unique values of Malaysia and supportive quality learning environments.

  • Prepare various documents in a manner which maximises applicants’s chances of getting approval.
  • Checking progress of approval and track if there is any verification to notify applicants.
  • Help to obtain Certified True Copies (CTC) and arrange for translation (if required).
  • Assist with completion of the various conditions set out in the letter of conditional approval – such as
    opening a fixed deposit, arranging a medical examination and assisting with local medical insurance.
  • Provide service to drive the applicants to immigration.
  • Support services during applicant’s stay in Malaysia – such as maid application, international schools
    for applicant with children, parents visa extension for expired passports.
  • Help to obtain approval for the tax free car, acquiring a local driver’s license, renewing visa etc.

Our People

公 司 簡 介
TROPICS HAVEN (MM2H) SDN BHD 中文譯名為”恆悅”馬來西亞第二家園有限公司,是一所由馬來西亞政府授權代理之一,我們同時也是馬來西亞第二家園代理人協會的會員之一。秉持著以信為本,精益求精的企業精神,我們給予客戶專業而有效的服務質素。

馬來西亞政府為了吸引世界各國的人來移民與投資而設立了「馬來西亞我的第二家園計劃(MM2H),這項計劃開放給所有受馬來西亞政府承認的國家公民, 且不受種族、宗教、性別或年齡限制。在申請第二家園計劃的同時,申請者能攜帶配偶、21歲以下未婚子女以及60歲以上父母以受撫養者的身分一同入境。並同時享有10年的長期居留證和多次連續自由進出的簽證。